Frequently Asked Questions

•Why should I work with a broker?

Your time is money. Specialization and trade is key to all businesses. Any function that is not a part of your core business takes away from it. Brokers allow you the freedom to conduct your daily activities while they work on fulfilling the transportation needs of your company and allow you the security of knowing your needs are being met by a true industry professional.

•Why should I share my budget with my broker?

Knowing your desired price strengthens your broker’s negotiating stance. If you’re concerned you may be dealing with a less reputable broker that could book a load far under your budget and take the remainder as boosted profit, remember that MAP-21 demands transparency in the industry. If you demand to know the rate for which your load was booked, a broker is required by law to provide that information.

•Why do market prices fluctuate when I ship the same freight in the same lane?

The market fluctuates because of supply and demand, as well as various overhead costs. The number of motor carriers that are, or will be, in a specific location constitutes supply. This is heavily dependent upon inbound freight in your area, because motor carriers avoid deadhead whenever possible. The number of outbound shipments in your area constitutes demand. Relevant costs include fuel prices, staffing, maintenance, etc.

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